We can supply all your sheep, cattle, goat and horse stockyard products

Suitable goat yards are an essential facility for raising healthy and profitable animals.

A well made and well planned stockyard saves on manpower and enables efficient handling of your goats, sheep, cattle and other stock.

Good stockyards help to minimise bruising, reduce animal stress and are a pleasure to work in.

There are many stockyard designs, our knowledgeable and experienced team at Midland Stockyards can help you select and design the best stockyard suitable for your operations.

Midland Stockyards can help you improve your animal handling, improve animal health and get the best prices at market.

Built Strong

Built strong for long life

1.6mm Gauge Steel Sections

1.6mm Gauge Steel Sections

Relocatable or Portable

Relocatable or Portable

1200mm High

Difficult to jump or climb

Easy Install

Quick and simple installation

Heavy Duty Steel

Heavy Duty Steel

Goat Product Gallery

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  • Goat Panel and Gate

    Goat Products Goat Panel and Gate

  • 2200 x 1200 Goat Panel

    Goat Products 2200 x 1200 Goat Panel

  • Goat 2200 x 1200

    Goat Products Goat 2200 x 1200



We Design Custom Stockyards Too!

Contact us to discuss how we can help design a custom stockyard layout to suit your specfic requirements.

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